Snow guards, roof snow guard, snow guard products, snowguards,or sometimes called snow dogs. We offer sand casting services, sand cast parts sand cast components.

Bruin Metal Works, Inc. provides sand casting services to diverse industries.  We do prototypes, one off, short run production and all types of specialty work in aluminum and brass alloys, depending on the requirements of the customer and job.  We offer pattern making to finished casting, and can perform in-house or outsource for virtually any needed secondary operations.

Our Snow Guards Division manufactures a range of standard and custom snow guard (sometimes called "snowdogs") products.  Stock snowguards are cast from aluminum, and styles are available to fit a broad range of metal panels as well as other roof materials.  These snow guard products are easy to install and provide peace of mind for homeowners and business owners alike.  Snowguards are an inexpensive and sensible way to prevent sliding snow and ice from causing personal injury or damaging gutters, shrubbery, automobiles and other personal property.  We are now pleased to offer direct purchase of snow guards from our website via credit card. Click here for details.

Bruin Metal Works is very flexible.  No job is too small and all inquiries are welcome. Because the majority of our work is "commissioned" and custom in nature, our website is designed to allow you to learn more about the sandcasting process and see samples of our work from various markets/industries.  Bruin Metal Works looks forward to serving you.


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Bruin Metal Works is a provider of custom sand casting services. Products we provide are typically aluminum sand castings, brass sand castings or bronze sand castings. The sand cast process is quite versatile, and it offers the least expensive metal casting alternative. Bruin Metal Works has provided sand cast parts for a wide range of customers. Sand casting for automobile racing. Sand casting for furniture manufacturers. Sand casting for artists and architecture. Sand casting for custom machine builders. Sand casting for the marine and boating industry. Sand casting for hardware manufacturers. If you need durable cast parts, rely on Bruin Metal Works for prompt and reliable service. We offer a complete program including sand cast pattern making to the actual sand cast pour and even secondary operations such as fabrication and polishing. Sand casting is ideally suited for low-volume runs, prototypes and similar applications.

Snow guards are another major aspect of Bruin's business. These products are sometimes referred to as snowguards or snow dogs, but regardless of name, the function is the same. Snow guards are designed primarily to prevent snow and ice from sliding from metal roofs. With more and more buildings, both residential and commercial, being constructed with steel panel roofs, aluminum panel roofs, copper panel roofs and similar materials, the potential for dangerous and damaging slides increases. Snowguards are typically fastened to the roof near the bottom of a sloped run. Correctly positioned and attached, Bruin's snow guards hold the snow and ice on the roof until it safely melts. Without snowguards, the likelihood of unpredictable slides is much greater. Often without snow dogs in place, cascading snow and ice present a very dangerous situation to persons who might be in the pathway of the sliding matter. And such slides are also quite damaging to gutters, shrubbery and other things that might be located beneath the eaves of a roof. In short, the installation of snowguard products is common sense insurance that reduces the potential for personal injury, property damage and liability claims.

Bruin's snow guards are inexpensive and durable. We have several standard snowguard styles that will fit nearly every roof style on the market. Our snow guards are made from cast aluminum so they will not rust. Snow guards are simple to attach with just one or two screws, neoprene washers and silicone sealant. If you're looking for something truly unique that will allow your home or building stand apart, we also offer custom snow guards. These can be cast from any alloy with which we work. Custom snowguards can be designed and manufactured to harmonize with an established architectural theme or design motif.

If you are a manufacturer of metal roofing panels or a distributor or installer of metal roofs, we also provide custom cast snow guards that will work perfectly with your particular products. Contact us to find out how quickly and inexpensively we can provide you with snowguards that match the seam profiles of your metal roofing panels. Snow guards are a way for you to add profit to your business, and at the same time, snowdogs provide a very sensible if not essential benefit to your customers. Because of our experience and flexible manufacturing methods, we are fairly unique in our industry in this ability to provide customized snow guards for the roofing industry.