Photos of commercial snowguard applications
Snow guards installed on commercial buildings protect people and property from sudden, unexpected snow and ice slides.  This is particularly important for liability issues in retail or institutional settings where pedestrian traffic is common.  Our standard snow guard designs fit the majority of metal roofs on the market, but custom styles are available.  Standard products are cast from aluminum, and while they can be painted to match the roof color, that typically isn't necessary.  The photos here feature "from the foundry" finish.  The semi-reflective surface of the snow guards "picks up" the color of the surrounding roof.  The close-up photo is of the IGA store, and makes the distinction more clear.  From ground level and from a distance, the snow guards virtually disappear.
Barns and similar structures with steep-pitch roofs and large surface areas are particularly susceptible to sudden slides.  The weight and impact of snow and ice can impart significant damage to nearby equipment...not to mention hazards to livestock, pets or people who are in the wrong place at the wrong time.


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