About Bruin Metal Works, Inc.
For over 20 years, Bruin Metal Works, Inc. has offered a wide variety of services to many different industries.  We're a small jobber shop that makes prototypes, one off, short run production and performs all types of specialty work.  We pour a wide variety of aluminum and brass alloys, depending on the requirements of the customer and job. 

Our customers include the furniture industry with castings for wood working machines as well as hardware.  We service many sewing machine and textile machine makers with a large variety of parts worldwide.  Our customers also include fresh and salt water boat makers for which we make boat castings.  The race car building industry in our area also depends on us for many component parts.  Regional artists bring us their original art works for bronze and aluminum bases, wall hangings and architectural castings as well as some figurative work.  Our Snowguards Division casts roof-mounted "checks" that prevent personal injury and property damage from sliding ice and snow.  For more information on that aspect of our business, click here.

We are very flexible as to what we can do.  We offer pattern making to finished casting.  Bruin Metal Works has a good relationship with several fine machine shops and can quote machining as well as surface finishes.  No job is too small and inquiries are welcome. 

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